secure online collaboration for Australian government

GovDEX will soon be replaced by GovTEAMS.

GovDEX will be decommissioned during the first half of 2019. In the lead up to the service closure, we will stop accepting applications for new GovDEX communities or Jira projects.

We are working with active GovDEX communities to extract data and migrate to GovTEAMS.

What is GovTEAMS?

GovTEAMS is a modern digital collaboration service that allows government to connect, share and work together across organisational boundaries.

It provides the tools to empower government employees to collaborate and transform the way they work. This way of working together can help drive public sector productivity and improve service delivery to citizens.

It provides a single point for government employees and their industry partners to collaborate and build secure networks, allowing them to:

  • Connect through instant chat, video and online meetings
  • Share and co-author documents on the go
  • Create and discover other communities
  • Build profiles to personalise your experience

Want more information?

Head to the GovTEAMS website to register or find out more.