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Apply for a govdex Community

1. Are you eligible?

Be sure to check that govdex can provide what you're after! If you do not fit within the Service Scope, it is likely that your application will not be approved.

A govdex community must be sponsored (owned) by a government agency, though any agency, organisation or individual can participate.

2. Start your application

Just complete the Application Form. You will need to nominate an initial Community owner. You will also need to nominate a second person, who is a public servant, as the second community administrator. Both will be required to verify their email address before the community is set up.

3. Begin publishing

As soon as both community administrators verify their email address and accept the terms and conditions, your community will be ready to use within 2 working days. You can then begin publishing content, inviting people to join your community and collaborating with project members.