secure online collaboration for Australian government

Service Scope

The govdex service includes tools to support private, secure cross-agency and cross-jurisdictional:

  • Document sharing
  • Information sharing
  • Collaborative authoring
  • Issues management
  • Communications and engagement with project stakeholders.

The Department of Finance provides the hosting, infrastructure, software applications and information storage and disaster recovery* for the service. Finance also provides a community help desk supporting:

  • User management
  • Community creation
  • Support for Community Owners and Administrators
  • Online documentation and training materials.

The agency(s) administering a community are responsible for:

  • Managing the content in their community
  • Managing the users in their community.

Although any stakeholder can participate in a govdex community, the Community Owner must be an Australian government agency. The Community Owner can then invite other people and organisations to participate.

govdex cannot be used for public-facing communities or for website hosting.

* The Department of Finance will maintain whole-of-govdex backups for use in the event of system failure, widespread data corruption or similar events.